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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  August 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[♪ theme music ] >> welcome to "the young turks." let's keep it real that there's a little bit of sadness here -- >> he's amazing. he is a great guest. >> what do we have in our ears -- we have "the war room" in our ear. that was sad news. kind of ruined the dramatic thing i was going to say. [ laughter ] >> someone is always in "the war room." >> you are right. but that's -- relates perfectly to the news i was going to get
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to. if you haven't heard yet, god bless your hearts, but we're going to be off of the air in two weeks. but "the young turks".com there is within always in "young turks".com. we have two weeks left of this wonderful tv show. after words rebel headquarters will move strictly to on line. and "the war room" will get totally shut down. no, michael shure is a great host. look for him. we have news on that later, but al jazeera america will starting very, very soon. now let's do the news of the day. well, it turns out -- watch out! terror warnings! terror warnings! i'm only half buying it. well, you know, that's how we roll around here.
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i know that's controversial or would be if anyone were watching, but the reality is it's incredibly convenient timing, now let's let us let the rest of the people working with the government scare the daylights out of you. >> officials are focusing particularly on yemen. communications from the al qaeda after -- affiliate. >> i had a briefing with the vice president. it is scary. >> it could be a series of combined attacks. >> especially troubling, according to one senior u.s. official, surgically implanted devices. bombs in terrorists bodies. quote, these are guys who have
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developed the techniques to defeat our detection methods, which is why u.s. officials remain vigilant here at home as well, because of the potential threat to airplanes, trains, wherever large groups could rather. >> god i love that package. in news they call those little bites you see a package. because it had every element. they are waiting to strike. yeah, they are al-qaeda, they are always ready to strike. there are chilling details. any time you talk about bombings there are chilling details, and if you notice the music in the background ♪ la, la, la >> oh, my god they are coming. let me bring in our panel, ana kasparian, alonso duralde, a critical for the, and also for what the flick. >> what the flick show.
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>> yes, thank you. thank you alonzo, and jayar jackson. and this man. let me offer it up to the panel. here is what i'm talking about. i'm not a conspiracy theorist. it's not like they made it up. so is it real that they are considering doing bombings in yemen et cetera? that they have chatter, et cetera? my guess it is real. but i said, hum, explosives inside the body. that seems like -- like woe! wait a minute. i was like, hum, i bet you they had that stuff lying around for at least six months. now why release it now? >> the timing is so convenient.
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>> it's too convenient. >> yeah. >> the nsa is under attack, and there is a red alert, and they almost lost the vote in the house which is unheard of on spying. so they are like don't we have something laying around that is incredibly scary. >> yeah, and the first segment of this show should be now the nsa is working with the dea to give information on american drug traffickers to prosecute them. so there's more information about how the nsa is spying on us, and instead of using that for national security, they are using it to prosecute americans for drug use and drug trafficking. every week there is a story about how we'll being violated, and this is a great distraction. but when is it news that al qaeda wants to go after us? >> yeah, the question is, is item innocent. 19 embassies they shut down
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unofficially for the weekend, and then for the week, because they are saying it's coming. it's coming, but two things here. number 1, the body bombers, we looked into this. there was stuff about that in the media at the end of last year. so it isn't new. all of a sudden it is brought out here now, to talk about oh, my god, the body bombers, and one last thing before i go. saxby chambliss is another guy who is coming out and talking about all of the different dangers that are eminent. but notice, the guys you saw in that last news package, lindsey graham, peter king, and now saxby chambliss. they are probably the top three defenders of nsa spying. another wonderful coincidence that those are the guys that they brought in to hype the living crap out of this. >> there has been an awful lot of chatter out there,
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conversation among terrorist about what is going on, very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> can i just press a little bit, what makes this so serious? is it the nature of what the attack could be? >> obviously we don't know where the location is, that's part of the problem, but what we have heard is some specifics on -- on what is intended to be done, and some individuals who are making plans such as we saw before 9/11. >> all right. like right before 9/11. and you throw in the 9/11 one. i think obama is going the full bush here. the terror alerts, et cetera. he just gave up any presents of changing anything that bush did. now he has gone to the dirty trick that bush had in his arsenal. tommy i'm cure ois what you
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think go. >> ana first of all why do you hate drug cartels and why do you hate america? [ laughter ] >> no, over the weekend, glen greenwald tweeted some garbage about this, about how oh, isn't this come -- convenient. and he took it a little farther like the president made it all up. yes, some of this is bull crap. the stuff about the body bombs i'm pretty sure i wrote about that about a year and a half ago. that is stuff that the media grabs ahold of because it sells. and i think it also works on the psychology. it's this whole theme -- the narrative of terrorism has been the terrorist within. so i think that's the media hyping this up, because if it
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bleeds it leads. but i don't think they would have to listen to all of this crap from republicans if it wasn't absolutely necessary. and if you are going to say that president obama is like bush because he had up with terror alert in five years, i think you need to slow down a little bit. do you remember what the bush era was like? >> absolutely. >> take a look and see what the -- >> i know. i know. and he didn't want to go there, but now that his beloved illegal spying is in danger, he is like well, we could go to the oldest trick in the book. >> i find it fascinating there is a two-pronged attack going on from the gop side. you have saxby chambliss, and if you can't trust him who can you trust, and lindsey graham saying spying it's so great, and more, tap me. and then you have the other flank of the republican party pulling their hair out and
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saying obama is weak, and blah blah blah, because the left would certainly seize upon bush knowing that 9/11 was going to happen before it happened, except that it didn't. >> yeah, and they are like oh, my god, these embassies, i can't believe they are in danger. 13 embassies under bush were not closed down temporarily for precautions, were attacked. >> and several shut down for good on top of it. >> a lot of time it's protocol for things that have been done. they intercept certain potential plot and tactics. i think could close down embassies for other things that could happen, and they decided to in this particular case, but i think we should take this really seriously, and they do,
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but it's being put out there more, and again, tommy took every one of my points. all you have to do is just mention it to the media. it's just thinking wow this is scary. we have to talk about how scary this is. because it really does scare some of the members of the media, but you also have to ere on you have to be safe rather than sorry. >> with the government i always lean towards the side of better safe than sorry, the presumption is they are lying unless -- you know, that's the same presumption in my mind. the rest of the media, the presumption is the exact opposite. the government always tells me the truth. it would be unbelievable if we ever found out something that the government didn't tell us that was true. but on the embassy point i want to clarify couple of things. here is a list of countries in
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which embassies were closed down . . . and new closures . . . okay. >> sanford, florida? >> okay. >> embassies that have been reopened . . . which i find convenient too, because those are embassies we actually need. close the one in burundi, yeah, yeah, that's it. or the other way to look at it, oh, no, we fought two wars there, so those are safe. the ones we didn't invade, those are not safe. all right. let's go to the ridiculous fox news reaction. >> four years ago president obama gave a much heralded speech his outreach to the
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muslim world, and now we're closing embassies. he said al qaeda is on the run, and now we seem to be on the run. i'm not criticizing the move to close the embassies, that's probably the right move to make, but it's a terrible thing, just a year ago, boasting, al qaeda is on the run, osama bin laden is dead, and now an unprecedented closure. >> it's ab -- a giant win-win for them. i told you we should be doing spying like bush and cheney said, and i told you al qaeda is weak. the flip side is, it's obama, all he ever does is set himself up to get hiss a kicked by fox news, by trying to appease them. that's five years straight we have seen that play back over and over again.
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>> yeah, and the crazy part is, i love how they continually say obama is weak on terrorism, when he just continues the exact same policies of the bush administration. but as you said, like obama will try to appease them, and it will never work. they will always spin it. >> yeah, there's no winning with fox news. go ahead. tommy. >> it's what bush did only better. obama actually rained hell fire down on terrorists. people in this country need to take a look at fox and say you know what, these guys need to shut the fox up. because i remember when they were complaining that he was killing too many terrorists. so just shut the hell up. we would be better off asking bil bil bil
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billy crystal about terrorism. >> yeah, the whole cadry were all about the endless war on terror, that we were never going to win it, and i think obama is trying to say, look it can't be a war forever. it has to be something else. it has to be treated a different way, but still pouring in resources and doing the same kind of strategy. but that rhetoric cannot stand. >> yeah. my last comment here as we go to the break is, just one last thing to think about, if you have excellent intelligence on how they are going to do a bombing, would you really announce that to the whole world or would you maybe do more detective work to fine out who they are and go get them. it's possible that they ran out of time, and they really had to close down these embassies. that's very, very possible. it's also possible that they had some old stuff about oh my god, bombs and bodies that tommy
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wrote about a year and a half ago, and they thought it's not really going to do any intelligence damage, because it's not based on any recent intelligence, so we can give it away, scare the bejesus out of people, so we can continue spying. and there has been no evidence that their spying lead to this evidence. all right. now when we come back, we go back to domestic politics. chris christie is apparently, according to a recent poll, the hottest candidate in america. but wait until you find out what number he is among republicans if only republicans vote. i think that tells a lot about our politics. we'll explain that when we come back.
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this show is about analyzing, criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is
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going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right? ♪ >> all right. we're back on "the young turks." go to the "young turks".com
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every single night whether this show is on or not. all right. we have a great panel tonight. on to the issue of domestic politics. they did a fascinating little poll from quinnipiac. it's about who the hottest politicians are. it's a relative term with politicians, of course. christie came in number 1. let me read, he was rated 58.1%. d.c. a little bit behind. now i don't care about the horse race of 2016 right now. it will be totally different in two or three years from now, and people go to it as a crutch when they don't want to talk about substance, but what i did find interesting there that could be a fascinating story going forward even in that first section. you saw the third name on the
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list, elizabeth warren, now they are putting her name on the his, and she is scoring really well. that happens all the time, right? when young politician -- i bet if you did a poll back in what would it be, 2005, obama would have scored really well on the hot list, but 51% of the country would have said they didn't know who he was. so i saw that list and thought everybody thinks hilary is a shoe in, but i wouldn't be so sure. >> this is an example of how fighting the banks is not political suicide. you see what i'm saying. she has now captured the attention of the american people, and if she does decide to run, she might have a pretty good chance because people are behind her. >> fighting the banks is suicide if you are at a low level. if you are trying to be a congressman from idaho, they are going to bulldoze you.
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and you are not going to be able to compete in the media. but once you have gotten as big and elizabeth warren, well, when you do a presidential primary run or presidential general election, then the ads matter less. that's when she gets so much free media, and does going against the corrupt banks work politically? of course, but people don't want to jeopardize their money, right? but it's definitely possible. >> there's this crazy narrative that the tea party was formed to right obama. no it was formed because of the way the banked screwed us over. so she could get that action going if she plays it right. >> this is hottest versus electricable. you saw who else is on the list.
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president obama, he cannot be reelected. it's more about who you like. chris christie being a viable candidate, right now it's because people keep hearing about him. everyone doesn't know policy that closely. nobody knows what elizabeth warrant has done or wants to do or has been stopped from doing, but everyone in our bubble thinks people are catching on, but it's just name recognition. >> i know. and like i said in the beginning, you can't tell what the hell is going to happen three years from now, but at least she is brought into the conversation, and that could be a game changer. any other random politician is not a game changer. oh, is joe biden going to be in there? oooooooooh! and why do people remember chris christie. part of it is he is the one fat politician.
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that fat guy from new jersey. i like that guy because he is always yelling at people. i like him. tommy you yelled no there when someone mentioned that elizabeth warren could cross the aisle -- >> whoever just said that the tea party started because of bush. are you kidding me. >> alonzo is right. it was originally formed theoretically because of the bailout. >> they were fine when the white guy was doing it. but i don't want to hear this crap that bush was the one who started the tea party. >> bush started the bailout. >> but elizabeth warren, i think the nice thing about this paul is that it gives -- in the national polling, it's hilary and then everybody else, but elizabeth warren is hanging tough with everybody else.
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and she has the advantage of not having some terrorist running around with her name. >> okay. >> but at this point we don't know what is going to happen, and hillary clinton was way ahead in '08. she is way ahead now, but both she and christie once the campaign starts, they will come back down to earth when they start talking about all of the crazy crap that christie says. the stuff that came up in the 2008 campaign, that stuff is not going away. and then the republicans are going to hit her with this benghazi stuff. but i wouldn't count elizabeth warren out. >> all right. christie's next possible gop opponent in the poll scores significantly lower than him. they are the two closest to chris christie in the overall poll, but when you just ask republicans, and only
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republicans, the equation changes completely. chris christie goes from number 1 to number 8. so you see, and that's a different poll, you got -- the unpopular ones. show me b-6 here at the end. then all of a sudden paul ryan wins at 68.7, and then a whole bunch of other folks. and that goes to the polarization. republicans are like, no, chris christie is the most moderate. >> one thing did it to him. which a lot of conservatives -- when he went near obama after hurricane sandy, people said what is he doing? and that's what is going to come back to him. pictures on campaign ads against him in primaries. it will be flooded. now for clear minded people they would go that sounds like a normal person to me.
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but not for a certain segment of our voting population. >> that's interesting, because when you look back, mccain and romney were the last two winners of republican primaries and even bush -- and all three of them painted themselves as the more moderate candidates. >> no, mccain and romney both made themselves seem more conservative than they really were. they had to adjust for the complain. look at romney, there were pictures of him at a planned parenthood clinic, and then all of a sudden he is like oh, i'm pro life! i think they were moderate, but then they had to do everything to reject and pretend they were more conservative to have a right. >> you are both right. they appeared more moderate and more electable than the rest of the insane people. but another thing i got out of this poll, you see that within
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the republican voters, rand paul and ted cruz are doing really well, and a clear sign that they are doing real well is newt gingrich is all of a sudden saying, military intervention maybe not such a good idea. let me skip to what newt gingrich said. he said . . . now that is the ultimate, you know, skeevey guy shameless in changing earlier positions? war? did i say war? i'm anti-war too after he was so -- he -- he said during the primaries last time around that he would name john bolton as
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secretary of state, john bolton who is the biggest warmonger in the entire country. so to me that's a clear sign that there is something interesting bubbling up within the republican party, and at least when it comes to war and libertarianism, et cetera, that that's beginning to take hold. >> definitely. the republican party is starting to reposition themselves and maybe identify more with libertarians, because they realize their right-wing policies are not working. and when it comes to military intervention abroad. people hate that. we're tired of it. we're tired of our resources going towards that. >> but they are changing it without saying it. they want to change some of their policies without saying we're going to go a little bit more to the left, because then that's death. they have to change their own voters mind without saying they are. >> we have always been at war
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with [ inaudible ]. [ laughter ] >> yes, and on other issues they are so insanely right-wing that you can't possibly call them progressive. when we come back, everybody assumed that the guys who did the bombings in boston were islam islamic gee ha diswhen it turns out they weren't.
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[ explosion ] [ screaming ] >> of course those are the horrific scenes from the boston marion bombing. we know tsarnaev brothers did
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that. the assumption was made that since they are muslim they must have been doing an islamic jihad. but it turns out the older one might have been a right-winger too. bbc has report. let's watch. >> the horror of april in boston, and the burning question in the mine of america, where did the hatred come from to do this? when these brothers were caught on camera here the bombsight, it was soon put down to the work of jihadi jihadists. they had links to the troubled russian republican. but now the bbc found out that the older brother was also reading right-wing literature months before the bombings. articles about white
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super-massey and the mines of mass killers. so was he a true radical gee ha dis? >> after the found out it was the tsarnaev brothers, people said, we knew they weren't white. of course they are literally caucasians. so you can be a muslim and extremist at the statement time if you happen to be from the caucus. it's a fascinating development. let me bring my panel back in here. ana kasparian, alonso duralde, jayar jackson, and tommie christopher from mediaite. the older brother was reading
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about white supersy, 9/11, and government conspiracies. the rape of gun rights. and also u.s. drones killing people in muslim countries. the right is always like, oh, my god, they are trying to take our guns away. well, yeah, and in this case we should have. point number 2 is i love how this guy thinks oh, government conspiracy and then does a bombing himself leading to other government conspiracies. that's the inception of irony. >> i guess the biggest take away is the mix of things. because there's left-wing conspiracy theories about 9/11, and also when people hear government, we have such a short-term memory, we think any policy that anybody is upset
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about, maybe started in 2008, he could have been mad about this years ago. a lot of times people glom on to things, and as we mention this entire show, how obama continued a lot of the policies that bush had and a lot of policies have changed since. but we think way too literally about these kinds of things. he was against go so he must be a left winger right-winging -- we don't even know who we are talking about it. the guy was buy into anything that was mad. >> two points. he was apparently the most mad because he couldn't compete in some stupid boxing match. so the guy was angry. he was a loser, and so he wanted to find a reason to event his anger. yeah, i'm a muslim.
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i'm so mad at what they are doing to muslims. it's a right-wing thing, yeah, i'm so mad about what people are doing with guns. and the muslim bombers are not left wingers, they are right-wingers. they are the most extreme right-wing in the world. they are the fundamentalists, the right-wing of islam, so it's not that surprising that the right-wing of islam, and the right-wing of white people, would meet in an extreme guy who does bombings. >> i'm just reminded that the bush era, doj wanted to do more investigations about home grown domestic terrorism. and then the obama administration shut it down. and you wonder if there could have been somebody in place checking this out.
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>> i want to go back to this list. time and time again whenever there are attacks on the u.s., progressive journalists like glen greenwald will go back to our drone program, and this is the perfect example of the u.s. drone killings. why were they reading about it? because it enrages terrorists and people. that is the kind of stuff that causes the hostility towards the us. so i don't know if something like this would even convince obama or persuade him to stop the program. >> no way! >> but it's -- >> more terrorists to bomb. >> today after seeing this, president obama is changing the policy. 20 bucks. [ laughter ] >> i know that wouldn't happen, but the proof is in the pudding. this is the kind of stuff that promotes the kind of violent action that you see. >> the problem is civilians who
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then become radicalized because -- i keep remembering with the drones, the six year old that hides in a tree every time a drone flies through this pakistan, because he is saying they bomb the building, so i date of birth want to be in a building. and are you a family member of his, are you more likely to be radicalized? of course you are. all right. i have got to wrap this segment right here, actually. we're going to come back in the next segment with somebody who is fighting to change the entire system, and can they succeed, and how when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> all right. we're back on "the young turks." now from time to time you have seen me talk about wolf pac. that's a pac we put together to get money out of politics to say
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that corporations are not human beings -- isn't it amazing that we have to clarify that -- and they don't have the constitutional rights of human beings. well, wolf pac is doing great because of the people that run it day-to-day. the volunteers and the great staff that is there. i'm going to introduce you in a second to the new executive director, but month to month, every single month we have grown in petition signers, volunteers, in every category you can imagine, including members, which is really important and also revenue as well. ryan clayton is a guy who worked as a political advisor for a long time, and was then our political advisor since february, and is the new executive director of wolf pac, and it's great to have him here. ryan thanks for joining us and tell us how you came to join us at wolf pac. >> for sure.
4:42 pm
thanks first of all for having me on the show. and i want to give a shout out to the others doing a great job day-to-day as well. i came to wolf pac because i was on the campaign trail for a long time. i worked for a pac in d.c., i worked in political advertising. i was even the guy who spent day-to-day sat there in a call time room getting members of congress and people running for congress to spend five to seven days a week raising money from rich people. so i have seen where the money comes from, and where it is spent, and what i want to do now is use that set of skills i have acquired and become very dangerous to the corruption that happens in our system. >> there are so many different issues that you can combat. why this one? >> yeah, if i put my citizen cap
4:43 pm
on. i see we are really facing fundamental problems in this country. congress is broken, my friend. it is up to us to fix it. if we still want democracy in this country, we have got to fix citizens united. we have to restore free and fair elections in this country. the good news is that most americans agree with us. nearly 90% of americans are sick and tired of the corruption. so we need to get them motivated and mobilized and activated and get them out there on the street, because everybody agrees election should be free of kr corruptive, and any citizen can run for office. >> the idea of a dentist that doesn't know anybody running, or a farmer, et cetera is antiquated. and the great irony is that when
4:44 pm
you tell people, hey, 90% of our people believe our system is corrupted. and then you say do you think we can fix it? and they say of course not. so how do you answer that, ryan? >> well, there were always people who think things can't be done. people once said how can women have the right to vote when they can't vote right now. the constitution has been amended 27 times if you think about it. so you can get involved in this movement. sign up to volunteer in your state right away. get active helping to fix this problem. sign up, spread the word on social media. spread the word to your friends and family, and contribute to the cause. become a member. that's really important. our director likes-to-say if we
4:45 pm
just had 1% of the entire population giving us $10 a month, that would be $30 million a month. that's more than enough to fix this problem. so you too can help. >> there is another great irony there, if enough people just believed and chipped in the ten bucks a month, we could -- it's obvious we can get it done. if we had $30 million a month it would be the easiest thing in the world to get it done, but they don't believe because the system is so broken, but like you were talking about, the suffrage movement, every movement started out as small, and every one of them said it can't be done, and it was done. so finally one more question for you ryan, what was it that made you confident that this could work with this particular organization? with wolf pac. >> two things actually.
4:46 pm
when i talked to you a few months back, i said hey, cenk if congress offers some bs amendment, are you going to take it? and you said no, we're taking it all the way. and i said all right. i'm in. and a few years ago i bumped in to you and i said why did you leave msnbc when they were offering you millions of dollars. and it takes brass balls to walk away from millions of dollars. that's why i'm here with wolf pac and all in for an amendment. >> i really appreciate you saying that ryan, but ryan also walked away from a really great political career, and all of us believe, and the reason we believe is that we fundamentally
4:47 pm
believe in the idea of this country. we believe in america, and we can regain a great republic if we just stick together, because we are 90% of americans at least. the only thing we need to do is to stick together. ryan clayton new executive director of wolf pac, thank you so much for joining us on "the young turks." >> thanks for having me. >> when we come back we'll talk about news room and what is wrong with the media.
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>> all right. back on "the young turks." great panel with now. ana kasparian, alonso duralde, jayar jackson tommie christopher joins us as well. so we're going to analyze a couple of clips from last night's news room. because we're using that to talk
4:50 pm
about the media here in the us. first, we tackled news room itself in terms of a show and how they do things. they have got this great actress marsha gay harden, she is playing a lawyer in this scene, and she is doing a deposition, and here comes the dialogue. >> you conducted an interview with [ inaudible ]. am i pronouncing that correctly? >> yes. >> the interview was conducted at his home in maryland? >> yes. >> every four years we give these guys a gold medal -- >> who? >> the dutch. >> i'm dutch. >> well then [ censor bleep ] you. [ laughter ] >> alonzo are you happy with that scene? >> it's nice chewy, and marsha
4:51 pm
is second to me only to jane fonda. it's showy and over done. but there is ultimately an excuse for all of that. but why not? >> we showed you that clip real quick, because it gives you a sense of the positives and the negatives in the way she writes. so like you love and hate a 24-second clip, like you love and hate the show. but now let's move on to basically the commentary they make on the media. so this is at a point where the guy who is a senior producer, jim, winds up getting a 30-minute interview with mitt romney, but gives it away to a girl that he likes, and his executive producer is livid with him. >> hey, mac, just one second -- >> hey, listen, did you give
4:52 pm
away an interview with romney? >> if you could give me just a second. i don't have the room yet. >> you know exactly how [ censor bleep ] up it is that you gave it away and that you gave it to a girl you like. >> it's not exactly like that. but i'll call will -- >> don't call will. don't take that chance, i don't know how to predict his behavior anymore. or yours. >> i understand. >> well, no you don't -- >> i liked that scene a lot, because i was mad at him, and tommy if there was a girl that you liked and you gave up an obama interview for half an hour, i suspect the folks at mediaite might be a little bit upset, right? >> you know what? i have never seen somebody go through so much trouble not even to get laid? what is the most he could hope for? second base? no, that missed me off.
4:53 pm
first of all there's no way that a press secretary would barter a 30-minute interview with a candidate, because she cursed at a candidate, but would never happen. but i'm willing to buy that, but you know -- don't even get me started. [ laughter ] >> he is not happy. but the one telling part of this is this senior producer is on the romney bus, they are of course covering the election from back then. and he stands up to them and won't play ball, so they cut off his access. they kick him off of the bus. he has trouble getting a hotel room. and then he won't be able to get the early-morning talking points that they put out about what romney is going to say in vegas. >> -- that was false too. those go out by email, so -- they would have had no problem getting notice. >> you don't have to be on the magic bus to get access.
4:54 pm
>> of course not. but here is the part that did ring true to me. the boss of the girl that he gave the interview away to was so mad that she didn't have access to that trivial crap, when in reality, who cares what romney is going to say in vegas? >> that's to say -- >> go ahead. >> it's not like being a campaign reporter is such a great racket. but him yelling at her rang true, but if that was me sitting in that car, i would be suppressing the desire to say, you know what, you can do this from home. nothing is going to happen. you send in a bunch of pool cameras. all you are going to see is what the candidate wants you to see. other than that, all you are going to get is romney and paul ignoring questions about his
4:55 pm
gaffes, by you could do from home. but that's what i liked about that scene. [ laughter ] >> all right. one more scene here. they have an occupy wall street representative that comes on the show, and the main anchor makes fun of her. that is very accurate to how occupy wall street was depicted in the press. but then she demands an apology, so they send in their top financial anchor to do the apology, and it goes awry. >> shelley can you tell neil what you are supposed to know. >> i am supposed to be suppressed -- like i have never [ censor bleep ] seen a movie star before. >> let me ask you something i want an honor answer. do you really think i'm a money
4:56 pm
hungry actress. >> i have to leave. >> i'm pretty much sure i'm not the one who approved herself by saying i teach college. >> i love that. she is awesome in this. so alonso, here -- the problem is -- like sorekin is doing what they did in the show. he is belittling occupy in a way, because that character is so unbearable. >> yeah, there is a weerl -- weird combo going on here. this woman looking like a moron on national television. she is not going to be crumbling front of them the way this gal does. but through her eyes, because they keep sending dish people from the network to apologize to her, and they are all so
4:57 pm
arrogant and smug that they all crumble in about 15 seconds. the show allows an outsiders perspective to go oh, yeah, all of the people in this show are a-holes, and now we get an outsiders perspective so we can step back and go oh, yeah, you guys are all awful. so the show is acknowledging that they are all awful. >> and that about describes the main stream media. all right. come right back for one final devastating point.
4:58 pm
if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) >> cutting throught the clutter of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the republican party? i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak
4:59 pm
asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little puppies. if wayne lapierre can make up stuff that sounds logical while making no sense... hey, so can i. once again friends, this is live tv and sometimes these things happen. >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. >> all right. back on "the young turks." you are going to find us tonight on the and you can get almost every news item on slash tyt. all of the clips are there for you. you can find ana kasparian there. and tonight ana and i are going
5:00 pm
to do the a-rod story, 211-day suspension. it is too much? too it will until alonso duralde you will find him at the, also what the flick show. jayar jackson legendary producer at slash tyt. "viewpoint" is next. bye-bye! >> john: tonight on "viewpoint," scott walker has a very simple message, i'm from the government, and i'm here to not help, and now he is trying to prove to the tea party that he hates women's rights almost as much as labor, but a judge just shut him down. also we'll have an all latino comedian panel covering immigration, and issues. and two weeks, al jazeera america takes over current tv.


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